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Vintage Islam Jewellery
Silver Engraved Seal
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Seal
Seal of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
The seal ring of the blessed Prophet (saw). The inscription reads “Muhammad Rasul Allah,”
meaning literally: “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  This is the inscription on the
original seal that was used by the Prophet, may Allah bless him and give him peace, to sign
the letters he sent to various rulers.

Here is a hadith about the seal:
Anas Ibn Malik said: “Rasulullah (pbuh) had a ring made of silver and its (inlaid) gem was
also of silver. When the Prophet (pbuh) wanted to write to the leaders of foreign states, he
ordered a seal-ring to be made. Rasullullah (saas) therefore had a ring made, the whiteness of
which is still before my eyes. The inscription engraved on the ring of Rasulullah (pbuh) was
‘Muhammad Rasulullah,’ of which in the first line was engraved ‘Muhammad,’ in the second
line ‘Rasul,’ and in the third line ‘Allah’.”

Prophet Mohammad Seal Ring

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