Oud & Flowers Foaming Hand Wash Soap 500ml
If you like floral fragrance then this is for you!

Try our Oud & Flower Foaming Hand wash and you would know straight up that you are dealing with a different category. This is an ultra-luxurious product that will give you wafts over wafts of beautiful floral fragrance from a creamy lather. Smelling floral scents has the extraordinary power, it clams your nerves, makes you less anxious and brings positivity to your mood. And what is better than smelling a floral fragrance that is well done!    
Oud and Flower is a beautiful fragrance where you will find, sweet fresh floral notes with bergamot and freesia all tied up with beautiful subtle oud base note. This is a combo that is sure to bring smile on the face. The sweet floral accords are in perfect harmony making this hand wash a definite delight for sweet & floral fragrance lovers. Perfectly matches with our ever-popular Oud & Flower body lotion, if you want to layer up with exotic body lotion after the bath. You can use Foaming hand wash for bathing as well.

Oud & Flowers Foaming Hand Wash

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