Oud (In Arabic is pronounced as “Oudh”) is a precious, treasonable, and highly valuable perfume extracted from nature. Our Oudh range is extracted from the dark aromatic resin on trees to bring an exquisite scent to the full range of soaps produced. Our Oudh Collection range is produced from natural organic and biodegradable ingredients and is free from any animal products. We chose to bring this brand in for the high quality of their products and the ethics of the company. We are committed to giving you a premium customer service experience and delivering high-quality products in excellent condition!

The Oudh collection today includes the following high end products;
Oudh Liquid Soap
Oudh Hand & Body Wash
Oudh Cream
Oudh Body Spray
Oudh Mini Hotel Soaps

Our Oudh Scents include a variety of blends, leaving your skin soft and smooth with long lasting infusion;
Rose Oudh
Musk Oudh

These exclusive blends are highly valued by their smoky aroma to include mixes of sandalwood, musk, wood, amber and exotic roses, gold leaves are also added to the Oudh range to ad shimmer, glow and a touch of amore and luxury.

Oudh Collection, with expertise in Oudh Soaps, Liquids, shower Gels. We specialize in Bakhoor and fragrances as well as Islamic goods. Based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom and sourcing our products from the depths of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.